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Melco EMT16X Embroidery Machine

Extreme Wizards Digitizing represents Melco Systems in the province of Quebec, a leader in embroidery technology since 1972. Over the past fifty years, Melco has perfected the embroidery machine, offering products that maximize production speed and flexibility while ensuring intuitive and hassle-free operation. Melco embroidery machines are the preferred choice for both beginners and enterprise businesses.

Acti-Feed Automated Thread Tensioning System.

Experience simplified operation, fewer thread breaks, and consistent results with the Acti-Feed™ system. By merely selecting your fabric type and hoop size, Acti-Feed™ takes care of the rest, eliminating the need for manual tension knobs when using the EMT16X.

High-Speed Embroidery Performance

Significantly boost your productivity with the Melco embroidery machines, which offer an impressive embroidery speed of up to 1500 stitches per minute.

Exceptional Embroidery Precision

With Acti-Feed™, achieve pin-sharp definition on small letters and exceptional quality when embroidering special effects and unique threads.

Precision Design Placement

Precisely position, rotate, and scale your design on the textile, allowing for seamless integration of embroidery with other finishing techniques using laser or print.

Multi-Head Modularity

The Melco EMT16X stands out with its modular approach, unlike traditional multi-head embroidery machines. To expand, simply network additional EMT16X machines together.

Hats and Caps

Hats are among the most sought-after personalized items, and the EMT16X excels in this area. Equipped with the Melco Cap Driver and a 270-degree sew field, it enables you to create any customized hats your customers desire.

Large Sew Field

Utilize the expansive 15.7” x 16.1” sewing area of the Melco EMT16X to craft large, striking personalized projects such as blankets and jacket backs.

Advanced Lower Arm

The rounded, extra-narrow lower arm makes it easy to embroider items that are difficult for other brands, such as pockets and baby clothes. Additionally, the self-sharpening carbide cutter and easy-access bobbin case guarantee years of trouble-free operation.

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Our company boasts a combined 65 years of experience in the industry. Mario, with 35 years of expertise, has been digitizing since the era of the first digitrack digitizing tablets. Jerdy brings 30 years of experience in digitizing, selling Melco embroidery machines, teaching digitizing techniques, and servicing Melco embroidery machines.


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