Extreme Wizards Embroidery Digitizing


How can we help?

We specialize strictly in digitizing, ensuring clean and hassle-free production. We provide quotes beforehand if desired and can have your design ready the same day or within 24 hours, depending on complexity.

No, we do not provide sample sew-outs for every order as it is both time-consuming and not cost-effective. Instead, we focus on delivering high-quality digitizing. We advise that you sew your own sample before beginning production. If there are any issues with our digitizing, we will collaborate with you to correct them or offer a refund as part of our satisfaction guarantee. Additionally, fabrics can respond differently to logos, so while a sample may work well on our end, it could behave differently on your fabric.

3D puff embroidery is a technique that makes the design raised or “puffed up” by sewing on top of 2mm or 3mm thick foam. Yes, we can digitize for 3D puff embroidery. For a more detailed explanation, you can watch our YouTube video here

No, 3D embroidery must be digitized differently than standard embroidery. The stitch density for 3D embroidery is significantly higher, about twice as dense as regular embroidery. Additionally, 3D embroidery often includes capping stitches that are not used in standard embroidery.

It depends on the capabilities of your software, but we recommend letting us handle the resizing. Not all programs account for factors like stitch density, column width, and underlay.

When we digitize, we consider factors like placement and fabric type. A cap logo is digitized from the center out ,bottom up and at a specific max height for hats. That being said a hat logo usually works on a chest, but not the other way around. Using a chest logo on a cap may require adjustments to density, pull compensation, and sewing sequence.

Most edits are free, unless there is drastic change in size & detail.

Yes, we guarantee all our work and will work with you until you are satisfied.

We accept credit cards, e-transfers, and checks. For US customers, we also accept PayPal payments. We strongly discourage sending credit card information via email; instead, we prefer you to call in your credit card information.

If a design is not too complicated, we can complete it the same day. Typically, there is a 24-hour turnaround time. For very large or complex logos, it may take up to 2 days.ility, ensuring a quality finish. Tearaway backing can be removed after stitching is complete but provides less stability during embroidery. Cutaway is almost always the better choice to ensure a quality finish.