Extreme Wizards Embroidery Digitizing

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Our team

Mario Sisti

CFO | Co-Founder

Jerdy Eastmond

CEO |Co-Founder

Masters Of Embroidery Digitizing

High-Quality Digitizing and Melco Products

65 Years of Combined Experience

Our company boasts a combined 65 years of experience in the industry. Mario, with 35 years of expertise, has been digitizing since the era of the first digitrack digitizing tablets. Jerdy brings 30 years of experience in digitizing, selling Melco embroidery machines, teaching digitizing techniques, and servicing Melco embroidery machines.


Digitizing Services

  • High-Quality Conversion: Transforming artwork into embroidery-ready files.
  • Customization: Tailored solutions for unique client needs.
  • Fast Turnaround: Efficient delivery for tight deadlines.


Commitment to Quality

We prioritize top-quality digitizing over low-cost alternatives, maintaining high standards and excellent customer service while keeping prices reasonable.


Melco Embroidery Products

  • Sales: We sell the versatile and high-performance Melco EMT16X embroidery machine.
  • Support: Comprehensive support for all Melco embroidery systems.
  • Training: Extensive training to ensure smooth implementation and operation.



  • Logos (corporate, personal )
  • Badges, emblems, crests, patches,applique,3D Puff
  • Photo-based designs (people, animals, cars)



  • Standard embroidery, applique, 3D puff, small lettering
  • Gradient colors, satin stitch, fill stitch, running stitch, chain stitch, hand embroidery effect
  • We also offer instructional videos on 3D puff embroidery and small lettering techniques.



  • Chest, full back, sleeve, neck
  • Caps, beanies, bags, aprons, towels
  • Tablecloths, banners, pillowcases, bed sheets
  • Upholstery, car seat covers


Fabric Types:

  • T-shirts, sweatshirts, dress shirts, oxford shirts
  • Cotton, pique knit, silk, denim, canvas
  • Cordura/coated fabric, leather